We believe in the power of a small team of brilliant people and the flywheel of collaboration with great academic partners to drive and power innovation. We use open science principles in our work and expect as many papers to be written about the scientific discoveries we make in our missions as about the business we are building.

  • Engineering meets Scientific Exploration. Our mission requires engineering ingenuity as much as scientific discovery. We believe economic success will come from a holistic combination of both.
  • We are Global Citizens working on Sustainable Development. Our mission is not bound to any one country. This global problem requires a global perspective through a global team.
  • We embrace adventure. Our mission requires focus and a drive to discover. We are bringing the brightest minds together to solve these challenges, always reaching for the High Frontier.

We are designing missions and building spacecraft to mine near earth asteroids, with the goal of breaking the closed resource cycle on earth. We want to provide abundant energy and resources that are carbon neutral and sustainable by mining near earth asteroids. 

Are you interested in working on this intersection between science and engineering? Take a look at our open job opportunities or send us an email for an open application to